Neighborhood Network News: 3/6/18

Our top story: the city considers mandating more support for affordable housing from developers.
According to the Boston Globe, city officials say they're doing a feasibility study of possible changes to the inclusionary zoning policy. For new developments in parts of the city, the policy requires thirteen percent of the units to be affordable.

The general manager of the M-B-T-A wants to put off the next fare increase until July of next year.
The Tee's allowed to raise fares starting July of this year, and officials promised to hold off on a fare increase until the beginning of two thousand nineteen.

Governor Baker will try to get federal money for repairing damage from last Friday's nor'easter.
According to the Boston Herald, the governor says the priority would be reimbursements for repairing the damage to roads and sea walls.

Interview with Keri Rodrigues, Massachusetts Parents United.

Interview with Brian O'Donovan, WGBH Host and Producer.

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Mar 6, 2018