Neighborhood Network News: 3/9/18

Our top story: a call for better transportation on the M-B-T-A's bus routes. That was the demand from riders, advocates and officials yesterday morning in Roxbury, at the bus station near Dudley Square.
The Livable Streets Alliance wants to see more buses and more traffic adjustments to speed up service.

A Boston city councilor wants to see more attention to security for school buildings. The head of the council's education committee, Annissa Essaibi-George wants a review of all classroom doors in the Boston Public Schools.

The plans a new program for giving students in Boston schools more access to nutritious food.
Starting in September, members of FoodCorps will encourage more participation in school meals programs--and a diet with more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Interview with Rashad Cope, Boston Center for Youth and Families.

Original Air Date: 
Mar 9, 2018