Neighborhood Network News: 4/11/18

Good evening. This is Neighborhood Network News. I'm Chris Lovett.Our top story: Mayor Walsh presents his budget plan to city councilors. Thanks to increasing revenue, the mayor plans a budget increase of more than four percent.

The city has also agreed to a five million dollar settlement over a lawsuit for the drowning of a boy in a summer camp program. Seven year-old Kyzr Willis died in two thousand sixteen, in South Boston.

Mayor Walsh and State Representative Nick Collins are making a new push to have shared police jurisdiction in the Seaport District. Currently, most of the area's under jurisdiction of the State Police.

Interview with Maggie Burns, St. Francis House.

Interview with two members of Guardian Community Trust, about upcoming legislation.

Vida Hispana with Maga Troncoso.

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Apr 11, 2018