Neighborhood Network News: 4/3/18

The words of Martin Luther King, Junior come to life on City Hall Plaza. In a celebration of his message--on the fiftieth anniversary of his assassination, hundreds of people took part in reading King's last speech--delivered in support of a strike by sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee.

An off-duty Boston Police officer has been convicted of a racially motivated assault on... an Uber driver. The attack took place in January of two thousand fifteen, after forty-three year-old Michael Colin Doherty took a ride from Charlestown to South Boston.

This morning in Roxbury--new progress in the struggle against the opioid crisis.The Dimock Center opened its new inpatient facility for acute treatment. There will be ten more beds, to serve an additional one thousand people a year.

Interview with John Drew, ABCD.

Interview with Ed Gaskin, Grove Hall Main Streets.

Original Air Date: 
Apr 3, 2018