Neighborhood Network News: 4/4/18

Our top story: a mother files a federal lawsuit against the city for the fatal shooting of her son by a Boston police officer. A thirty-one year-old man suffering from chronic mental illness, Terrence Coleman was shot in two thousand sixteen, after his mother, Hope Coleman, asked for emergency medical response.

The M-B-T-A will take another look at a possible connection between the Red Line and the Blue Line. According to the Globe, officials decided Monday to pay for a new study costing fifty thousand dollars.

Some local students had a warm-up for the new baseball season, thanks to a visit by Red Sox legend David Ortiz and Mayor Walsh. They dropped by this morning at the Hurley K-through-eight School in the South End, where students were given Red Sox baseball hats, just in time for tomorrow's opening day at Fenway Park.

Interview with Greg Henning, Candidate for Suffolk County District Attorney.

Interview with Sadiki Kambon, Nubian Leadership Circle.

Original Air Date: 
Apr 4, 2018