Neighborhood Network News: 7/10/17

Our top story: a visually impaired woman sexually assaulted in Roxbury.
Police are asking for information about the man who assaulted the woman Saturday night, around eight-thirty.

Today in Roxbury: a boost for small businesses with a social purpose--and jobs for low-income people. Thanks to a grant of eight hundred thousand dollars from Wells Fargo and Company, the Local Enterprise Assistance Fund can offer more help with financing and development assistance.

A different kind of food business is clearing its inventory and moving out of Boston. Currently on North Washington Street, Eastern Bakers Supply Company's relocating to Westwood.

A new study shows a possible link between obesity and a mother's intake of soft drinks. Researchers for Harvard Pilgrim studied more than one thousand pairs of mothers and children in Eastern Massachusetts.

Interview with Christopher Wilkins, Music Director, Landmarks Orchestera.

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Jul 10, 2017