Neighborhood Network News: 7/14/17

We begin tonight with legislative research by teenagers... raising hope for a new recreation center at Jackson Square. Teens from the Hyde Square Task Force in Jamaica Plain found a potential source of new funding in a bill that paved the way for a new Boston Garden in 1993.

And the reopening of the city's community center in East Boston will take place tomorrow. For the past two years, the Paris Street Community Center has been undergoing renovations, at a cost of more than twelve million dollars.

The city's defending the use of newly developed housing units in Jamaica Plain for corporate rentals. Owners of "Serenity" are leasing twenty-four of its one hundred ninety-five units to a company that provides shorter-term or semi-permanent housing.

Interview with Brian Van Dorpe and Michael O'Neil, Boston Triathlon.

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Jul 14, 2017