Neighborhood Network News: 8/2/17

We begin tonight with a night out for neighborhood residents and the Boston Police. As part of a national event, police and city officials made the rounds in six neighborhoods, including the South End, at Castle Square.

Governor Baker signed a bill yesterday raising the contribution for health care from businesses.
According to the Boston Globe, some businesses will pay new fees providing another two hundred million dollars for the state's Medicaid program, MassHealth.

Brigham and Women's Hospital's considering more steps to reduce its payroll. A buyout has already been offered to sixteen hundred employees, but accepted by only forty-five percent of them, with a deadline this Friday.

Interview with the director of capacity building at Community Labor United, Isabel Gonzalez-Webster, and the Executive Director of the Brazilian Worker Center, Natalicia Tracy.

Interview with Mynaja Ferguson and Jelani Richards, Boston Public Health Commission's Start Strong Program.

Original Air Date: 
Aug 2, 2017