Neighborhood Network News: 9/13/17

Our top story: a nineteen year-old form Hyde Park seriously injured in a
shooting on Boston Common. According to the Boston Globe, the shooting
happened near the bandstand a little after 6:45pm with pedestrians
scattered by multiple gunshots.

Yesterday marked the end of the Boston Police Department's year-long pilot
program for body cameras. One hundred officers took part in the program,
generating an average of ninety-six videos a day. The department says a
preliminary study of the videos will be completed by early November.

Governor Baker's supporting a new policy to expand the features of charter
schools in local public school districts. According to the Boston Herald,
the policy calls for more autonomy at certain district schools.

And Millennium Partners has agreed to less height for a new tower at
Winthrop Square. An earlier plan, with a height of seven hundred
seventy-five feet, was strongly opposed by Massport, due to concerns about
flight paths around Logan Airport.

Original Air Date: 
Sep 13, 2017