Neighborhood Network News: 9/7/17

Our top story: A new school year for students from Boston. At some locations this morning, including here, at the Washington Irving Middle School in Roslindale, students in grades one through twelve were met by teachers, administrators and officials, including Mayor Walsh.

The Boston Public Schools are also introducing two-way blingual education in English and Haitian Creole. According to the Boston Globe, the program's starting with pre-schoolers at the Mattapan Early Elementary School. The program will expand as students move on to higher grades.

Massachusetts is joining legal action by fifteen other states to protect young immigrants threatened with deportation. Earlier this week, President Trump decided to phase out the temporary legal status under the DACA program. The program's for unauthorized immigrants who entered the United states when they were children.

Interview with Brian Marques and Amalio Nieves, from the Boston Public Schools.

Interview with Tom Crohan and Annie Duong, from John Hancock Financial Services about the MLK Scholars Program.

Interview with Sadiki Kambon, Black Community Information Center, Inc.

Original Air Date: 
Sep 7, 2017