We Need Your Help!


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has proposed a rule change that could cut or eliminate funding for Public, Education and Government (PEG) channels by changing the methods used by cable companies to calculate "franchise fees" and limiting the vital funds PEG organizations like BNN need to operate. 

The National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA) has developed a good summary of the proposed rules which you can read by clicking here (PDF).

WGBH News contributor Dan Kennedy summarizes the issue in his November 28th article “Is community Access TV on the FCC Chopping Block?” 


How You Can Help


Let the FCC know how important local television is to you and how it has impacted you.


CLICK HERE to access the FCC Proceedings Page.  To comment, simply click the + Express link on the FCC page and take a few minutes to submit your comments. Things you may want to include in your comments:

·      The importance of transparency in government through live, unedited coverage of local government meetings and election programming

·      After school video programs and youth workshops that may have benefited your family and increased their media literacy

·      Nonprofit organization receiving services from FCTV to promote their events and publicize their mission and services

·      Local programs featuring your friends and neighbors showcasing the best things about your community

·      Emergency notifications from local town authorities on your local cable channel

·      Access to training, equipment and facilities that would otherwise not be available.


When you’ve sent your comment to the FCC send a copy to your US Senators and US Representatives. Click here for information on how to contact them.


The deadline to submit comments Is December 14, 2018..

We are grateful for your support! 

Remember, the deadline to submit comments to the FCC is Friday, December 14th!